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Die Trying

Restriction: Use a recent dream as inspiration for something you do today.

I wrote a song, based partly on a dream. Eventually if I finish the demo I’ll link it here.

 Em                 G?

 Csus2?             A/E7?

make mold catastrophe
bend it now to open
open all

take break disasters seen
twist them to unlock
unlock all

grind sand mistakes made
polish them and free
free all

chorus riff:
 D   D7   Em   A?  C?  x2  A#? (last time only)

D   D7     Em
die in the moment
in the crash of cymbals
in the (glint/glare) of guitars
    D                       D7    Em
the (wings/rings/strings) of our (abstractions/distractions/last actions)
have melted
     C?         D#maj
into wordless (rejoicing/obsessing/becoming)

die trying
die living
Em      B   (D5 on last note)
die trying

Am                   Bm
I am the one who was sure
     G5       C               G
that only the good could come down
Am                   Emaj
I am the past that is gone
  D         C        D
Receding forever and now

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