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Try Apathy

Restriction: Create a jingle for some object in nature. Bonus points: make a commercial.

I think my mom is one of the few people following this stuff, so I’m going to have to apologize for a bunch of BAD LANGUAGE in this one. SORRY, MOM!

Here is the mp3.

(TODO: stream plugin here)

Person A: “My friends talked about apathy, but I wasn’t sure if not giving a shit was for me. So I talked to my doctor, and he said more and more people are turning to targetted apathy to solve their anxiety issues.”

Person B: “After just two weeks of apathy, I gained three and a half pounds, but I don’t even care anymore!”

Person C: “I don’t let my age slow me down, so why should I give a shit about anything? Thanks, apathy!”

Narrator: “Apathy may cause:”

Narrator: “You should not take apathy if you are pregnant or have a prior history of existential crises.”

Person A: “It’s time to choose when you don’t give a shit.”

Jingle: “Apathy: You could care less!”

…. awww, screw it.

I sickened myself trying to make something that sounded like bad 80s elevator synth music, and gave up on the polishing touches. IRONIC DON’T YOU THINK?

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