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Milwaukee Art Museum + Utech Drone Fest


Love that architecture.

Even the parking garage is cool lookin’.

Here’s where they’re busily offloading the ark of the covenant or whatever…

Now, I guess I’m not supposed to take photos of exhibits. Sorry, I couldn’t help it…

The shanshui temporary collection was unbelievable and my pictures can’t really capture it, but I really liked the modern ones.

Some of my favorites: Gu Mei, Feng Zhongrui, Liu Guosong, and Chen Chengqiu.

Chen Chengqiu:

Feng Zhongrui:

Ate at Sven’s European Cafe (strange name, good food) and they had a surprising little garden.


More explication on these photos later, maybe… the festival was amazing.

Ithi: “ALL WE HAVE IS NOW” read a sticker on the flight case.

RM74: Kalimba into galactic whalesong.

Ural Umbo: Power from repetition, power from what is not there.

William Fowler Collins: Gently brushing waves from his guitar using the same brush the Chinese shanshui guys did.

Gog: Unmerciful piles of delay and looper pedals, spiralling riffs.

James Plotkin and Jon Mueller: It was bright. The music was unremarkable to me.

House of Low Culture: Unnecessary screams and jarring riffage.

Mamiffer: Shaking rocks and harmonic voices.

Locrian: Setting up the atmosphere…

…fog and darkness…

…until the explosion.

Horseback: Perfect rock towers to close the night, finishing with an intense cover of TV Eye.

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