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Back to Milwaukee

Down by the river…

Someone’s farmin’ logs I guess.

Since I never have pictures of ME, Rebecca manned the camera for a bit and here are some.

We jammed some Beatles songs. Here are some pictures of me NOT playing the accordion because I can’t figure out how to keep my hand on the right button.

Blurry night fotos!

We went to a free black metal show where FALSE from Minneapolis played. It was weird and I didn’t take any pictures because I kind of hate being That Guy With The Camera at shows. Plus I guess I prefer remembering music without the exactitudes of photos or videos?

Then, the next day some park and architecture adventures were had.

I’m a very poor tree climber, and I don’t think these photos quite capture that.

Chillin once I’m up there. (Like a cat afraid to jump down?)

Round the little pond by the lake.

Down to the actual lakeshore pilings…

A neat art installation that we got to mess with by throwing rocks at it and banging on wooden benches with mallets (the directions said to, ok sheesh!)

This gecko is dreaming of something:

Near the Museum of Art:

Actual Security for the grounds where Summerfest is:

A sad deserted rack of where pay phones used to be. This may be the saddest wood paneling and particle board gets.

Random remainders

Stool safety is very important you guys, did you know stools can cause injury or death if improperly used???

Jason was quite proud of his weird little tea table:

Gourds from the mad garden:

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